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Bluetooth Device Control

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A fully configurable application designed for easy control of your robot or other device via bluetooth.

Bluetooth Device Control

Features overview

Free versionPro version
support for BLE micro:bit (Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822), HM-10 (Texas Instruments CC254x), ..
the commands sent are defined as hexadecimal strings
possibility to set repeating of the sent commands when holding down a button and its period
displaying incoming messages in hexadecimal or text form with the possibility to choose its encoding (UTF-8, Win1250, ...)
adjustable automatic sending of the stop commands upon loss of the main screen "focus" (e.g. upon an incoming call), or upon displaying the application menu
GUI is designed for both tablets and phones
Czech and English localization
detailed help
GPS support through customizable templates of the sent messages
accelerometer support in the form of customizable templates of the sent messages
possibility to set the size of the individual control panels using the "zoom" gesture
possibility to hide / show the control panel using gestures
heartbeat (detection of a communication failure)
pairing the device with the use of broadcast is quick and easy
possibility to set individual UUID
number of easily configurable buttons1421
number of buttons with the possibility to set your own labels and visibility916
gamepad and joystick support
adjustable virtual joystick
export and import settings, support NFC tags
no advertisement occupying precious space
Get it on Google play - Bluetooth Device Control Free Get it on Google play - Bluetooth Device Control Pro

Tested on

Sony Xperia L
Asus Transformer
Samsung S3
Prestigio MultiPad 10.1 Ultimate 3G
Samsung S6
Nexus 7

MOGA Pro Controller
Genius Maxfire Blaze 5
Joystick Thrustmaster Flight
Modecom Volcano Tablet Gamepad
Dance pad PGS-I-2006