Hardware and Software Development


What can we create for you?

We can connect your computer, tablet or phone with almost any device. And what is more, we can build it for you! We can create an application to control your robot, an army of sensors that will keep watch over your property, or we can even create interactive artwork. It just depends on your imagination.


We develop mobile applications for the Android and interactive web applications - especially those that allow you to control or interact with some device.


If your project requires any special hardware, we can build it for you. We also develop semi-professional robots.

"Internet of Things"

Our mission is to connect applications together with devices – a phenomenon that represents the future and which is at your fingertips.



About us

We are programmers, engineers and designers, but mainly enthusiasts. What we do, must amuse us. We believe that this is the only way in which we can do the best job and we choose our projects accordingly. We are able to create something that you may have just been dreaming about, or we might even find another solution for you. If you have an interesting idea, which makes you lose sleep, get in touch with us. We would like to start worrying about it, for you - instead of you.

Our team

Štefan Peliš


HW Architect, Developer & Project Manager

Ondřej Peliš


SW Architect & Developer

Contact us!

If you have any interesting idea, which makes you lose sleep, we would like to help you!